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Will parents be able to eat lunch with their children?


Lunch is a part of the instructional day and each lunch lasts 30 minutes. As a fast-growth district with limited space in the cafeteria, it is important for us to establish our procedures and lunch expectations with the students during the first weeks of school. Parents are welcome to come to have lunch with their child(ren) starting on Monday, September 25th.

Parents of students with August and September birthdays are permitted to have lunch with their child(ren) on the day of their birthday while lunch visitors are paused to start the year.


While in the cafeteria, you may eat at the designated tables with your child only. Please remember that photos and video of other students in the cafeteria are prohibited and visitors are limited to 2-3 visitors per student due to space. All visitors must bring their driver's license with them to campus to check in at the front office.







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