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Drop off Bulk Candy Donations April 1-5



Ring pops
• Sour patch kids
• Gummy bears
• Sour gummy worms

• Jolly ranchers
• Starburst
• Skittles
• Blow pops

• Hershey Kisses
• Lollipops
• Pixie Sticks
• Pop Rocks

• M&M's (regular)
• Reese's mini cups
• Assorted Jelly Beans


Drop off Bakery and Perishable Desserts April 4 and 5 only




Cupcakes, brownies, cookies, cake pops, mini pies, crunchy treats, hand dipped desserts, gluten-free & sugar free treats, to list a few.

Show off a family specialty or grandma’s secret recipe.  No time to bake?  No problem.  We love store bought treats and desserts too.  







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